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Auger Flighting

coils of Ultraflyte auger flightingWe are the only authorized stocking distributor for UltraFlyte™ auger flighting in North America!

We handle many different kinds of auger flighting including helicoid, sectional, bristled, and cupped. All flighting is available in right or left hand directions, in varying levels of thickness, and in a variety of materials such as poly, mild steel, stainless steel, chrome, and abrasion resistant (AR plate) steel. Need custom made auger flighting? G&H’s auger manufactures can fabricate most custom orders including those with uncommon pitch size.

Our stocking warehouses for auger flighting strive to better serve our customers by decreasing the wait between the order and arrival dates. Our main warehouse is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where it houses one of the largest supply of various auger flighting sizes in the Northern Plains region. Rooted as a distributing company, G&H is able to cut down shipping fees and most set up charges by bundling orders and coordinating shipment, ultimately saving our customers time and money.

Not in the United States? We also ship to Canada!

Auger Dimensions

How to measure and order?

To order replacement auger flighting, the information our sales team needs are the measurements for the diameter, the shaft size or inside diameter, the pitch, material thickness, the direction of the flighting (right or left hand) and the quantity.

Outside Diameter: The measurement from the outer edge of the auger’s rotation peak to the outer edge of the trough. We recommend using ¾” to 1” smaller outside diameter than the tube the flighting will be installed into.

Example: If your tube is 11 inches in diameter, we recommend using an auger with an outside diameter of 10 in. or 10 ¼ in. to prevent any unnecessary wear from minor imperfections in the tube or bends in the shaft.

Pitch: The measurement between one peak of the flighting’s rotation to the next. The pitch of your flighting determines how much product you will move per rotation.

Example: An auger with a 6 inch pitch will move product 50% faster than 3 inch auger rotating at the same speed. 

Material Thickness: Determines the wear life of the auger. Commonly the first point of wear is going to be the outer edge of the auger. With UltraFlyte™ auger flighting, the outside edge is thicker and the auger material is fabricated with an enhanced carbon steel material giving the auger a longer wear life than average flighting.

Shaft Size or Inside Diameter: The inside diameter is the size of the pipe that the auger is going to be mounted on. This size can differ among various auger conveyor brands and equipment.

Quantity: Our helicoid auger flighting is manufactured in 10ft. lengths and sold in 5ft increments. We offer quantity discounts on orders of 50ft or more. All size & direction combinations qualify for the offer. 

Direction—Right or left hand: Right or left hand direction augers determine the direction of flow the product will be moving as the auger rotates. 

Auger Flow Directions

Left Hand FlightingRight Hand Flighting

To determine which direction of flighting you need, simply follow these steps:

1)    Stand at an end of the auger.
2)    Place your hand on the top edge of the flighting and push your hand forward.
3)    To keep your hand on the top edge determines the direction of the flighting.

Example: If flighting curves to the right, you have right-hand flighting.
If the flighting curves to the left, you have left-hand flighting.

Click on the link below for our helicoid & sectional flighting sizing charts and call our flighting experts for a quote today!


Auger Flighting sizes and prices





Specialty Flighting

Clearance Flighting

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